Trae McAbee

Security, Fraud, and Risk Management Professional, CPA

Trae is a security, fraud, and risk management professional. He began his professional career as a CPA conducting and managing audits related to internal controls, compliance, and fraud for public and private entities. He is expert in forensic fraud and cyber protection.

Trae has served as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. The early part of his career was spent investigating financial and electronic crimes. He also became a computer forensics specialist and was called on to testify as an expert witness in multiple cases. Trae’s knowledge and experience led him to be selected to serve in the agency’s Cyber Intelligence Section. There he engaged in incident response and mitigation during data breach investigations and provided training to new agents, domestic and foreign law enforcement partners, and other public and private groups. Trae was also responsible for the Secret Service’s participation in the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report and the 2012 CERT Insider Threat Study: Illicit Cyber Activity Involving Fraud in the U.S. Financial Services Sector.

Trae has also served as Vice President and Director of Fraud and Incident Management for EverBank Financial Corp. At EverBank, he developed an entity wide incident management program which led the response to issues escalated from corporate security, information security, and fraud operations, while also aggregating security and fraud related data for further risk evaluation. Trae supervised the Special Investigations Unit and initiated the development of an enterprise-wide Fraud Management Program to integrate operations and reporting systems for fraud investigations and AML reporting.

Trae has been a speaker throughout the United States and Western and Eastern Europe on topics ranging from cyber security, mortgage fraud, ID theft, incident response and response planning.

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