Metaverse/VR Services

IMAG understands the multi-dynamics of the Metaverse.  Our Advisory practice assists clients in building a VR world which is safe, controlled, responsible, interesting and important.

Financial Crime and the Metaverse

Metaverse technology is rapidly advancing. However, developers need to understand that the opportunity exists for organized, nefarious groups to utilize the Metaverse as a platform for many types of financial crime. Traditional Financial Crime programs may not be effective within the Metaverse. There can be enormous reputational risk to the business franchise if platforms and applications are used by criminal elements as a means of perpetrating or disguising serious crime. Senior Management should understand how their platforms and applications can be leveraged for use for criminal and nefarious activity and ensure that effective controls are in place.

IMAG’s services include: 

  • Conducting independent risk analysis in VR markets
  • Evaluating enterprise reputational risk
  • Designing programs and policies which create a culture of ethics and responsibility
  • Developing key controls which are within the VR environment which are capable of measurement and reporting.
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