Debbie Loyim

Operations, Process Simplification, Internal Controls

Banking operations and delivery platforms are areas where hard to detect internal control issues exist. These control issues often provide the “root cause” of significant regulatory compliance issues. Many Compliance officers, while versed in policy and programs, do not have the deep operations expertise to locate and resolve internal control issues and risks which can lead to substantial and adverse audit and regulatory compliance findings.

Debbie bridges the operations/compliance area. She is a proven expert with 25 years in process-centered Operations Management in domestic banking and has led all back office operations of a major international bank. She is fully familiar with the control risks within the operations and product delivery framework which give rise to internal control and compliance risk issues. She has seasoned skill in building and remediating internal control environments. She is versed in all aspects of process improvement, simplification, automation and process redesign as well as merger integration, outsourcing strategies, and resource realignment. She can quickly identify required measures to increase productivity, right-size fragmented processes and create workflows which enhance efficiency while maintaining strong business processes.

Debbie’s management responsibilities and extensive industry experience includes: global and domestic trade services and finance, loan administration, trading operations, regulatory reporting, change management, process redesign, automation, operational risk mitigation, internal control and strategic alignment.

Debbie holds a CAMS certificate and has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pace University.

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