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Power of Industry Experience

Are you confronted with high-priced consultants who have never worked in a financial institution? Who have steep learning curves? Who have never operationalized a solution? Who offer template solutions which don’t align with your culture? If so, call on IMAG! We are a leading international financial services advisory firm, assisting every type of institution across the Risk, Financial Crimes and Regulatory Compliance areas. We leverage our deep industry expertise to help you manage today’s new risks. We tailor our advice to your situation. We know how to implement what we recommend. We help you achieve more effective programs which are timely, sustainable and capable of continuous improvement.

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About IMAG, the
International Management
Advisory Group

Since 1993, IMAG has assisted major international and domestic clients in optimizing their Risk, Regulatory and Financial Crimes programs through our comprehensive understanding of business strategy, culture, governance, lines of defense, risk management coupled with the efficient utilization of technology, data and systems. IMAG has continuously achieved high levels of customer satisfaction because of our ability to listen to what a client wants.

We differentiate our practice by our deep industry experience. All IMAG Advisors have had outstanding industry careers. They fully understand how to plan and operationalize solutions and strategies in an operating environment.

Our Clients Achieve Timely And Sustainable Change and Improvement

Clients come to IMAG when introducing new products and services into traditional and digital markets to ensure that new risks are covered within their risk and compliance programs. Some clients wish to de-silo existing programs and achieve program optimization across all areas of Financial Crimes and fraud. Others come because they have encountered significant regulatory difficulties. Some require qualified independent parties and compliance consultants for reviews and evaluations.

Our services are broad: compliance guidance to boards and senior management teams; conducting risk based and control related diagnostic and vulnerability assessments; developing and integrating compliance within business, operations, and technology platforms; and planning and overseeing the remediation of serious regulatory, risk, audit and control deficiencies. We are well known in the compliance community and are highly skilled in developing business driven, risk-based programs. We are fully adept at traditional financial services and we speak FinTech, Crypto, and Metaverse. We understand the differences and challenges facing these exciting and innovative new market entrants.

Industry Experience
is the cornerstone of
IMAG Advisory

Our Advisors understand the new markets, products and services, technologies, data issues and delivery platforms. With this deep industry experience, IMAG Advisory accomplishes more with a small team in less time than consulting firms which supply a large contingent of staff, many of whom have never worked in a financial institution and have never actually operationalized a solution.

At IMAG, we listen to what our clients want. Our core strength is industry experience. All of our advisors are well known to the risk and compliance community and have served in financial institutions in the roles in which they offer guidance. They understand the complexities involved in operationalizing solutions.

What Defines
IMAG advisory?

1. Strategic Solution Partners

Our core competency is acting as strategic partners with clients in building longer range solutions. We are adept at identifying risks in ever changing business strategies and ensuring that those risks are covered in non-siloed Financial Crimes programs. As an Advisory Firm, we look at client issues with a holistic view and we understand the importance of aligning strategies with the culture of the institution. We build long term relationships with our clients founded on trust, experience and reliability.

2. Deep Industry Experience

We are united by experienced, industry savvy advisors who have worked in the roles in which they offer advice and know how to implement recommended solutions within an operating environment. We know how to listen carefully to what a client needs and wants. Our advisors are passionate about rendering advice and solutions which align closely to the culture of the organization. With our industry experience, there is no learning curve. We provide our clear, unbiased recommendations in a highly professional manner. The result are programs that are more effective and efficient.

3. Industry Expert Training

We offer targeted training and tutorials on cutting edge subjects which resonate across traditional banking and the FinTech and Crypto ecosystems. Our courses are designed and presented by industry proven experts with real scenarios. The courses include master level classes in Financial Crime Department Management and Program Diagnostics to technical subjects such as the utilization of advanced analytics applied to traditional banking technologies and understanding blockchain technology and its application to banking and Financial Crime platforms. No other firm in the industry offers this type of industry-based training for these subject areas.

Deciding on
Advisory Services

Clients come to IMAG with larger issues than for the transactional or once-off project work given to consultants and contractors. Clients utilize IMAG when solutions call for deep industry experience. Many client engagements start with a very basic question in a key area: “Can we do this better?”:

The Question

Can we do this better?

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Are there ways to improve our governance program to incorporate the key principles of ESG? The effectiveness of our First Line of Defense? The measurement of whether our Culture of Compliance is translating into acceptable behaviors?

Are the risks in our new business, product and delivery platforms being translated into changes to our Regulatory and Financial Crimes risk program? Can we make our key risk controls more innovative and effective to give us an earlier warning of issues? Can we better utilize alert and SAR data? Can we augment our KYC to evaluate customers participating in the world of digital assets?
Are we right-staffed or overstaffed in relation to our risk? Can we break down our silo structure to enable our cyber, fraud, AML and sanctions programs to work together? Can we simplify our process and decision making? Can we get better information to the right people sooner? Are we using the right type of third-party program outsourcing? Can we demonstrate that our program meets heightened expectations from the regulators?
Can we remediate and resolve issues faster before they become audit or examination findings? Is there a better way to utilize our PMO so that it becomes more effective and efficient?
Is there a better way to manage and use our data? Should we be using advanced data analytics? Can data analytics uncover our “hidden risks”?
Do we need a system upgrade or can we use what we have? Does our present technology platform need to be changed given our new business strategy? Are we spending the right amount on technology? How exposed are we to cyber-attack?
Can we improve our training? Are there better ways to retain and attract talent in a semi-virtual, flexible environment? Can we reduce our running cost but keep production levels constant?
Can you help us fill a senior level critical skill gap on short notice or during a major personnel transition?

The answer?

Yes, you CAN do it better! Leverage our industry experience!