Min You

Financial Crimes Risk Management/Business Strategy Risk Analysis

Min is a seasoned risk manager who fully understands how to identify and measure the inherent risks in products, services and delivery platforms and how to translate the strategic risk into effective and measurable controls within compliance programs.  This knowledge, combined with his deep background in Financial Crime and in financial control, continues to make him indispensable to many clients and one of IMAG’s most sought after advisors.   As to the Crypto, Digital Asset and FinTech markets, Min is very familiar with the issues facing these new market entrants. Min has recently completed advisory work for a significant crypto asset custodian bank in establishing its risk management infrastructure and framework.  He has conducted an enterprise-wide risk assessment for all functional areas of a trust bank to identify risks and evaluate embedded control environments.  He has also led a compliance risk assessment for digital assets to ensure applicability of banking laws and regulations and has provided guidance to the client in establishing more robust compliance management system.

Min has a wealth of industry experience both on the domestic industry side where he has served as Chief Risk Officer and as Head of Compliance at one of the country’s largest superregional banks and from the global side, where he has served as the Head of Financial Crimes Risk Management at HSBC.  He has also served as the Head of Operations at a major Dominican bank and as the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and Controller at a major Korean bank in the US.

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